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There are currently over thirty presenters who have offered to participate in the On-Line Agen Workshop program. It will take me at least another week to organize their proposals and begin to finalize the program. I’m excited to see so many people from around the world offering to make this conference a success. Here are some of their names. They represent fourteen different countries and we hope to see more before the list is complete.

Laurie Clarcq         Adriana Ramirez         Hélène Colinet               Liam Printer

   Kathrine Shechtman             Michelle Whaley          Dahiana Castro

Fadi Abughoush    Jim Tripp       Kirstin Plante       Robert Harrell

Janique Vanderstocken   Teri Wiechart     Jason Fritz  Cécile Lainé

    Alice Ayel     Scott Benedict    Tammy Ruigrok              Anna Gilcher

Margarita Garcia Perez  Carol Bausor   Diane Neubauer      Rachelle Adams

Annick Chen     Karen Rowan           Sule Yilmaz              César Gonzalez Paso

Judy Dubois    Sabrina Sebban-Janczak    Nicole de Boer    Pilar Reyes Sierra         

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  1. Özge Öztürk Güner

    i wonder about this workshop because i have never been in a workshop like this one🤔sure no one has because of the Corona virus…Hope to see and meet collegues

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