Agen Workshop 2018 – Returning Participants may register now

The fifth Agen Workshop ended with a banquet at the Stim’otel. I drew out the pleasure a little by taking my time to say good-bye to some of the people who helped to make it a success. Of course I didn’t get time or the opportunity to say good-bye to everyone. The last week of July seems to go much faster than the rest of the year. Sometimes I feel like a circus acrobat balancing on top of a spinning ball, running as fast as I can to keep from falling, but there is a buoyant wave of friendship that floats me high above the minor glitches.

I have said this several times and can only repeat it. This workshop has grown and developed because of the wonderful people from around the world who believe in it and keep coming back year after year. Your trust and faith makes me humble, pushing me to make it better every year. Thank you for coming, thank you for coming back. Next year, I promise, will be even better. It’s impossible to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the conference and as soon as I start, I’m bound to forget someone just as important, but please believe, all of you, how grateful I am for the hard work and joyful sharing that went on all week.

As I announced at the banquet, there is a special price for former participants. If you have ever attended an Agen Workshop, this year or in the previous years, you qualify for the lowest possible rate I can offer, 295 euros. This returning participant price will be valid until September 1st.

After that date the Early Bird price of 395 euros will be effective until March 1st. Then the full price of 475 euros will be required.

You may pay by Paypal or bank transfer. If you live in France it is possible to pay by check or cash.

Please fill in the form below the Paypal button.

Registration for the Agen Workshop 2018

Registration for the Agen Workshop 2018


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  1. Katherine Proctor

    I’m really looking forward to coming to the workshop for the first time! I’m really hoping Sabrina offers her pre-workshop session for French teachers! Are there dates available for that yet?

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