The Agen Workshop is five years old this year. We have grown from a small gathering of language teachers interested in innovation to an international conference that brought together 80 teachers from over 20 countries in 2016.

Last year some amazing teachers came together and while they were chatting over breakfast and having a long lunch and some good wine, inspiration struck. Now everyone is talking about Beniko Mason Nanki’s Story Listening as it is being implemented in the United States by Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden.

Beniko will be back this year and she has lots more up her sleeve to share with us. We are looking forward to seeing our great coaches, Anny Ewing, Carol Hill, Teri Wiechart, Laurie Clarcq and Robert Harrell again. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak will be teaching French, Daniel Dubois will be teaching Breton, Margarita Perez-Garcia will be teaching Spanish and Judith Dubois and Charlotte Dinscher will teach English. Diane Neubauer will be back to work with Mandarin teachers and we will have some pretty surprising announcements to make soon about the other members of our team.

Kirstin Plante and Iris Maas of the TPRS Academy will be running a training program in Agen the week before the workshop, so that their trainees can get two full weeks of professional development.

We would like to invite anyone with experience in using Comprehensible Input who enjoys sharing their tips and insights with others to make a proposal for a presentation. Presentations may relate to using TPRS, TPR, Story Listening, Movie Talk, reading strategies, ways to improve listening comprehension, student buy-in and motivation, anything of interest to teachers who are committed to providing their students with Compelling, Comprehensible Input in agreement with the ideas of Stephen Krashen.

The presentations should be about one hour long. Teachers at the Agen Workshop teach a wide variety of languages in widely different conditions, a fact which presenters should take into account. Some teach small children, some teach adults of all ages. Some work in schools, many are independent and itinerant. Some participants are experienced in using TPRS, others are just discovering it.

We are offering two meal vouchers for each presentation of an hour. We wish it could be more, but we also hope to keep the price of the Agen Workshop affordable to the many teachers who sacrifice their vacation time and their budgets to come share their ideas and inspirations with colleagues from around the world.

If you have a proposal for a presentation, contact Judy Dubois at with a description of your topic. I will send you a form to fill in and let you know as soon as possible if your proposal is accepted.

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