Why should you go to Agen, France to learn about TPRS?

Lunch is our secret weapon. Agen is at the heart of a region reputed for its good food and there is almost a surplus of excellent but inexpensive restaurants. We encourage participants to choose one and go to lunch together. Instead of grabbing a sandwich and rushing back, we want them to take their time over lunch, to enjoy the food and process what they have seen and learned, sharing their thoughts and exchanging ideas, asking questions and giving themselves time to absorb a very different way of viewing their profession.

Qui sont-ils, les gens de TPRS?

J’aime les voir dans les cafés et restaurants d’Agen, parlant en anglais et français et parfois en espagnol ou en allemand, si ce n’est pas le bretonne ou le mandarin. Il est merveilleux de voir ces gens passionnés, venant des quatre coins du monde, échangeant leurs idées, leurs expériences, leurs espoirs pour leurs élèves.

2016 Workshop Information

2016 Workshop Information

The full price for the 2016 Agen Workshop is 425 euros. The workshop will start on Monday, July 25th, at 2:00 pm and will finish on Saturday, July 30th at 12:00. There will be a buffet meal served at the Stim’otel at noon, July 30th. The buffet is included in the price. Last year and the year before it was fabulous, just ask those who were there. This is not a picnic lunch; this is France!