Coaching for Coaches at the Agen Workshop 2017

Once you have found your sea legs in TPRS/TCI, you will want to share the joy and help other teachers start on their own journey. Coaching for Coaches is a special all day session for teachers who feel fairly confident about their own skills and want to help others to implement Comprehensible Input in their classrooms. And we all know that the best way to master a skill is to try to teach it to others.

Coaching for Coaches in Agen will be held Sunday, July 23rd, at the Centre Descartes. Teri Wiechart, Robert Harrell, Carol Hill, Judy Dubois, Laurie Clarcq, Kirstin Plante and Iris Maas will work with teachers who want to coach other teachers in the skills that make Comprehensible Input work in the classroom.
The Coaching for Coaches session costs 100 euros. Register here.
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