Do you want to learn a new language?

During the week of July 20th to July 24th, The Agen Workshop has organized the following on-line language classes:

Elementary Spanish for primary school learners with Jason Fritze.

Intermediate Spanish for heritage learners and middle school students with Jason Fritze.

Mixed level French with Sabrina Sebban-Janczak and Daniel Kline Logsdon-Dubois

Beginners English with Tamara Galvan

Reading a Novel in English with Sule Yilmaz

Beginners Mandarin with Annick Chen

Beginners Arabic with Fadi Abughoush


The Spanish classes with Jason Fritze are designed for younger students and will last one hour a day for five days.

The other classes will also be given during five days. Each day there will be an hour’s session followed by a half hour break followed by an second hour long session.

If you wish to sign up for these classes as a student, go to

If you have already registered for the on-line conference as a teacher, you may observe all the classes without any additional charge.

During the week of July 27th- July 31st we are offering :

Beginners French with Alice Ayel.

Beginners German with Kathrin Shechtman.

Alice and Kathrin will be using the Story-Listening method.  The sessions will last 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for feedback and questions from observers. They are open to everyone who has registered for the On-Line Agen Workshop 2020.


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