Graduate Credits

We have some great news for everyone who has signed up or is thinking about signing up for the Workshop. It’s now possible to get graduate credit for the Workshop in Agen through Portland State University.

Earn Graduate Credit for your Work in Agen!

CI 810: Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition Offered cooperatively through Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education Continuing Education Program and Literacy Education Services

In this course, you will:

– Identify a goal for your students
– Learn strategies for achieving that goal through your participation in the Workshop
– Develop unit/lesson plans, stories, and/or materials to help your students achieve the goal
– Reflect on changes to your teaching practice

One quarter hour AND/OR three quarter hour options are available.


$100 course agency fee
$60 for one credit $180 for three credits
+ $27 for the PSU registration fee (You will not have to pay this again if you take other PSU Continuing Education courses.)

To register, please visit Literacy Education Services.

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