Graduate Credits

We have some great news for everyone who has signed up or is thinking about signing up for the Workshop. It’s now possible to get graduate credit for the Workshop in Agen through Portland State University.

Earn Graduate Credit for your Work in Agen!

CI 810: Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition Offered cooperatively through Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education Continuing Education Program and Literacy Education Services

In this course, you will:

– Identify a goal for your students
– Learn strategies for achieving that goal through your participation in the Workshop
– Develop unit/lesson plans, stories, and/or materials to help your students achieve the goal
– Reflect on changes to your teaching practice

One quarter hour AND/OR three quarter hour options are available.


$100 course agency fee
$60 for one credit $180 for three credits
+ $27 for the PSU registration fee (You will not have to pay this again if you take other PSU Continuing Education courses.)

To register, please visit Literacy Education Services.

There are 4 comments

  1. Taryn Ann U'Halie

    Do you always have graduate credits available for the conference in Agen? I am interested in attending for the 2019 summer and I’ll need graduate credits for my teaching license.

    Thank you.

  2. Judith Dubois

    Hello, Taryn. We had an arrangement with Pacific University in Portland, Oregon at the time this article was written, but the person who was responsible for the program has moved on. I am trying to find another university to work with, but it takes time. I hope to have something in place for 2019..

  3. Elizabeth Truesdale

    Bonjour! I had the same question about graduate credits and am wondering if you have any updates, as I am very interested in attending. Also, I am wondering what the language of the course is, and whether French language refresher opportunities were available before or after the workshop. Merci.

  4. Judith Dubois

    Yes, it is possible to obtain graduate credits through the Pacific University as before. This is the same university that works with NTPRS and Scott Benedict. Contact me for more details. Since we are very international, all the presentations are in English as the shared common language when people come from over 30 different countries. The French language course run by Sabrina is the week following the conference. More information about her course is posted on this website.

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