How is the Agen Workshop organized?

 Here is a description of the Agen Workshop that may be useful to those who are applying for grants:



The Agen Workshop

International Professional Development for Language Teachers in Innovative Methods Favoring Second Language Acquisition


Our training is designed for teachers of foreign languages. Presentations are offered in personalization, classroom management, and a variety of techniques and classroom activities, as well as lectures on the principles of second language acquisition. Our staff, participants and presenters come from around the world to learn and share their experiences in a unique setting.



Participants must be a certified foreign language teacher or a university student who is preparing a diploma in foreign languages.


Pedagogical Goals :

Our goal is to help participants better understand the principles of how a second language can be acquired and to understand and experiment with innovative, varied and motivating methods of giving students comprehensible input in order to improve the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.


After finishing the training, the participant will be able to use the techniques of Story-Listening, TPRS, Clip Chats, Readers’ Theater and other assimilated strategies which can enhance the success of their students. A better understanding of the principles of acquisition will permit the teacher to make appropriate choices in how to conduct their classes.

 Training Time :

The conference begins at noon on Monday in the last week of July and finishes at noon on Saturday, a total of five full days. The dates for this year are July 22nd to July 27th, 2019.


The normal cost of the full five day conference is 475 euros. Those who register and pay before March 1st have the benefit of the “Early Bird” price of 395 euros. Family members who are travelling with them can attend the “Language Lab” classes free of charge.

Organization :

During weekday mornings, the participants can observe experienced teachers working with students in Language Labs.  Some participants can volunteer to co-teach the class, working with a Coach who also facilitates the de-briefing after the students leave. In these classes students learn English, Breton, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Latin.

The afternoons and Saturday mornings are given over to lectures, presentations and round tables concerning the principles of  Second Language Acquisition or specific techniques.  Coaching sessions are programmed during the afternoons and also during the evenings when teachers can try out specific techniques with the help of an experienced coach.


Professional  staff :

Mme Judith Logsdon-Dubois, professeur agrégé, has a Diplôme d’Etudes Avancées. She is assisted by Diane Neubauer, currently finishing her doctorate studies at the University of Iowa, Sabrina Sebban-Janczak, who teaches French in Denver, Colorado and was TOY in her State, Magarita Perez Garcia, Spanish teacher in New Zealand, Daniel Dubois, Breton teacher in Lorient, France, Robert Harrell, currently working on a teacher training system in California, Tamara Galvan, a teacher trainer in France, and Scott Benedict of Teach for June and many other well-known figures, such as Susan Gross. All our trainers are certified teachers with many years of experience in training teachers.


Pedagogical documents:

Each trainee receives access to The Agen Workshop Handbook, a seventy page document that explains the basic principles of Second Language Acquisition and describes the various techniques used to apply the principles to a classroom situation In addition, the trainees can choose from a large selection of books and material adapted to the language they teach at a stand presented by The CI Bookshop.


Training evaluation and Certification :

  • Each trainee is required to fill out a feedback questionnaire.
  • There is a debriefing with the staff after the conference.
  • We consider the best proof of our efficiency is the large number of trainees who keep returning to Agen, year after year.
  • Each trainee receives a certificate as proof of attendance.


Graduate Credits: We are currently negotiating with a number of American universities concerning the possibility of graduate credits for our trainees.

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  1. Judith Dubois

    No, the price would be much higher if it did. That said, the Stim’otel offers a good deal, 55 euros for a single room and breakfast per night, 65 for a double room. Hard to beat if you share a room. There are also Airnb places near the lycée. You can find a really decent meal for less than 15 euros with lots of good restaurants to chose from. Or get a sandwich and beverage for less than 10 euros in a boulangerie. Some people camp nearby. Let me know if you need more information.

    1. Judith Dubois

      We cannot offer grants. Some participants are teachers whose employers pay for some or all their expenses as part of their professional development. Others consider the experience so enriching that they pay for it themselves.

  2. Judith Dubois

    All of the presentations and plenary sessions are in English. With people coming from over twenty different countries, English is the common language. The morning Language Labs, which demonstrate Comprehensible Input methods, are in the language that is being taught: English, French, Spanish, Breton and Mandarin.

  3. Y. P.

    That is perfect! 😉
    Is there any other private way where I can ask other questions regarding the Workshop and French Course?

  4. Judith Dubois

    There is an Agen Workshop on Facebook. You can go to the page and post questions or use Facebook’s Messenger. You can also contact me directly. The address can be found under Contact:

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