Kelly Ferguson

Kelly doesn’t look old enough to have been doing TPRS for twenty years, but she was one of the early enthusiasts and had the wonderful opportunity of being trained by Blaine Ray, Susan Gross and Joe Nielson. She has been to NTPRS fourteen times and has been a coach there almost as long. I remember meeting her in 2009 in Minneapolis. She will be coaching at iFLT for the fourth time this year. She is a National Board Certified teacher and mentors candidates going through certification. She is the author of the embedded readings on the popular Senor Wooly website for Spanish teachers and she has a blog at

Kelly has presented at state, regional and national conferences. In Agen she will be giving two presentations as well as helping with the coaching. She wishes to help teachers give their students Comprehensible Cultural Input in order to develop a better understanding of the culture of native speakers, even at the beginner levels. She will also present on a battery of reading activities at all levels to help students understand and respond to texts. Her sessions are fun and engaging and we are proud to have her with us.

We sincerely hope this will be the first of many visits to Agen.

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