Looking Back at Agen 2019 … Looking Forward to 2020 … Ooops! … 2022?

The end of the conference always seems to come too fast, before I’ve had a chance to chat with so many people that I was looking forward to seeing. So, I’m writing this with a bit of nostalgia, wishing you all could have stayed longer, so you and I could sit down somewhere quiet and have a nice talk.

Someone told me my newsletters should have bullet points, so I’ll try to be brief, but I have a lot of important things to say, so please be patient and read all of my meanderings.

– Thank you! Thank you for your immense patience during the horrible heat. I’ve always dreaded having a heat wave during the conference and this year it happened. You were brave and uncomplaining and I appreciate your kindness more than I can ever say. We are planning now to be better prepared for such weather next year. I will probably send out a newsletter for an opinion poll on some of the options. Please note that this week the weather is beautiful with a pleasant breeze and sunshine, the kind of weather I Was hoping for last week.

– Next year. A great many people said they are coming back next year. We will have to limit the number to 120 as I did this year. Our organization could not handle any more without changes that we don’t want to make. So, if you do want to come back, don’t wait too long to register. The dates are July 27th to August 1st.

– Prices. In order to have a sound system, some air coolers and better technology, we will have to raise the price. Since I don’t know any billionaire teachers, I want to keep the conference as affordable as possible, but I will have to increase the price. Not enough to make anyone rich, but it should allow us to make ends meet and to be better equipped.

– Special price for veterans during the month of August: 335 euros. On September 1st the “Early Bird” price will be 445 euros. After March 1st, the price will be 525 euros. The registration form is now posted.

– The “banquet”. I was very disappointed in the way the hotel organized the final lunch. It was much better in other years, as many of you know. I will be exploring other options for next year.

– Feedback. Again, thank you for filling in the feedback forms and getting them to me. Obviously, many of you took time to give thoughtful replies. If you have more to say or didn’t get a form, feel free to e-mail me your ideas.

Finally, please believe that I realized, several years ago, that what makes our conference different and so amazing is the wonderful, generous, delightful, kind and thoughtful teachers from around the world that keep coming back.

Hoping to see you in Agen again in 2022…. Or another year.

Love and hugs,


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