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Who is coming to Agen this year? I’m so delighted that some very wonderful people have given up part of their summer holiday to join us in Agen. There will be six or seven language labs with some amazing teachers. Linda Li will be teaching Mandarin, Jason Fritze will be teaching Spanish, Sabrina Sebban-Janczak will teach the French lab. Judith Dubois and Tamara Galvan will be teaching English. We are still exploring other possibilities, some new names and some familiar ones. As in the past, we suggest that those who are new to Comprehensible Input methods go to Daniel Kline Dubois to Acquire Breton, a Celtic language that has nothing in common with the Romance languages. Putting yourself in the student’s place is still the best way to grasp the power of Comprehensible Input strategies. I will post updates from time to time on the Agen Workshop Facebook page.

Our coaching team will once again be led by Robert Harrell. He will be assisted by Rosana Navarro, Philip Smith, Janique Vanderstocken, Jayne Cooke, Sally Rose, Scott Benedict and Ariene Bortutski. I’m very proud that more and more of our coaches are native Europeans who are familiar with conditions on this side of the pond.

Some presenters who are already committed to coming to Agen are: Karen Rowan, Hélène Colinet, Kathrin Shechtman, Adriana Ramirez, Anna Gilcher, Rachelle Adams and Kirstin Plante. If you are not familiar with them already, you can find out more about them by googling their names. I will keep you informed as others finalize their plans.

Those of you who were there last year may have noticed that the technology worked great the first part of the week and there were problems towards the end. We had the very competent support of Carey Pohanka during the first few days, then she had to leave. Next year Carey will be with us all week long!

Sabrina’s Immersion Workshop If you teach French and have adult students interested in coming for the week, contact me or Sabrina. If you teach French and want to improve your proficiency, or if you teach another language and want to learn French, you may want to attend Sabrina and Daniel’s two weeks of immersion. A trial run last year was so successful that they are offering two weeks of French immersion this year. Participants will attend the morning lab sessions the first week and have lessons with Daniel and Sabrina the second week. There will be afternoon activities the first week for those who are not teachers and afternoon excursions the second week. More information here: http://tprs-witch.com/sabrina-and-daniels-french-immersion-course/

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