Pre-conference Training about Comprehensible Input methods for New Comers

Kirstin Plante has run teacher training programs in the States and in the Netherlands for many years. We all realize that New Comers who are just discovering TPRS and Comprehensible Input methods can be a bit overwhelmed at the beginning. Eventually it all fits together, but it can take a while to figure things out. Kirstin wanted to offer a program that would let New Comers get the most out of the Agen Workshop, that would let them hit the ground running, so to speak.

She has planned two and a half days, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning, July 21st to July 23rd, just before the conference. The training will take place in Agen, right in the Lycée Saint Caprais. Trainees will receive documentation to read before the training and have all their questions answered, as well as practical, hands on training. In this way we hope that they will get full benefit from the conference and have a wonderful time.

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