Registration for The Agen Workshop 2019

The Agen Workshop is addictive! People come back year after year.

We will be in the Lycée Saint Caprais in Agen and once again the town is offering a free tour for participants and their families. The conference will start on Monday, July 22nd and end on Saturday, July 27th at noon.

The Early Bird price is 395 euros until March 1st. After that date the full price is 475 euros.

Don’t wait too long to register, because we may have to limit the number of participants. You can pay through Paypal or by bank transfer. The Paypal button follows the registration form. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, contact Judy Dubois :

Those who live in France can pay by check or cash.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Registration for the Agen Workshop 2019



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  1. Judith Dubois

    Hello, Allison. The price for “veterans” who have already attended the Agen Workshop and are returning is 295 euros, as stated above. Newcomers who register before September 1st can pay by bank transfer. For them the price is 345 euros. If you wish, contact me at

  2. Zarina Kim

    Hi there! I just completed registration form. Going to pay, one question: if the payment refundable? If I don’t get visa or can’t go to the conference?

    1. Judith Dubois

      Hello, Kim. The payments which we receive now are used to book the lycée and hotel rooms for presenters and also to pay transportation costs. So it would be very difficult to reimburse money that was already spent. What I have done in the past, when someone unexpectedly found that they could not come, is to count their registration towards the following year. Even if the price went up, they were registered and guaranteed a place. So far, this has seemed acceptable to the few people concerned. Where are you coming from? Do you need anything for your visa?

  3. Zarina Kim

    Thank you Judith for your quick reply. I am from Kazakhstan. I don’t think I need help with visa and hope I can can it with no problem, just checking in case that happens. For some reason I can’t make the payment, can I contact in private by email or a messenger?

    1. Judith Dubois

      Yes, unless we have so many that we have to limit registrations. After March 1st the price is 475 euros.

      I hope you can make it. You’ll be the first person from Kazakhstan we’ve had. And Kazakhstan would be our 32nd country represented at the workshop!

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