Registration for the On-Line Agen Workshop 2020

The picture of a boat going across a bridge over the Garonne River seems like a good image of the strange journey we have undertaken.

All the members of the Agen Workshop team are grateful for the patience our fans have shown while we tried to figure out how to plan a conference very different from the one we wanted to offer. We want to thank Karen Rowan who convinced me that it could be possible for Agen to go on-line. I want to thank Lillian Stirling who has ridden the roller coaster with me and managed to be both encouraging and sensible. Robert Harrell gave me some frank and much needed advice. And I particularly want to thank all the patient souls who had been looking forward to a wonderful time in Agen this summer who will now have to wait until July 2021. Their kind acceptance of this unforeseen and unimaginable situation helped me to keep my sanity and motivated me to find a way to at least give them a taste of what could have been.

The silver lining to all this was that now people who had been saying, “I wish I could go to Agen one day” could come to us through the magic of the internet. We are making changes in order to adapt to the format so that our participants, who live all around the globe, can follow a maximum of live sessions without spending six hours a day in front of the screen. We also hope to give you a little taste of Agen, a little town in the country beside the Garonne River, where people play rugby, eat potted duck, drink good wine and enjoy life.

We have moved the Language Labs to the week of July 20th to July 24th. We are offering Mandarin with Annick Chen, French for mixed levels with Sabrina Sebban-Janczak and Daniel Kline Dubois who will be team teaching a mixed level class , Elementary Spanish for Beginners with Jason Fritze followed by a second hour with Jason teaching young Heritage Learners, Advanced Spanish for Teachers with Adriana Ramirez, Arabic with Fadi Abughoush, English for Beginners with Tamara Galvan and Advanced English with Sule Yilmaz who will be teaching the novel Holes. On the registration form we ask you to choose a language for the first session. Teachers who wish to move from one session to another in order to see different teaching techniques and styles can do so, but we need to know how to organize the classes for the first day.

During the week of July 27th to July 31st, we are offering a wide variety of presentations and round tables. There are some wonderful people who you have heard of before, such as Laurie Clarcq, Jim Tripp, Michele Whaley, Robert Harrell, Karen Rowan, Cécile Lainé, Anna Gilcher, Dahiana Castro, Scott Benedict, Teri Wiechart, Diane Neubauer and others. But there are others who you may not have seen on the other side of the Atlantic. Normally you have to come to Agen, France to meet Alice Ayel, Hélène Colinet, Liam Printer, Kathrin Shechtman, Margarita Perez Garcia, Jayne Cooke, Carol Bausor, Pilar Reyes Sierra, César Gonzalez Paso and Janique Vanderstocken.  For many years now teachers around the world have been discovering Krashen’s principles and the teachers who have applied his ideas to the classroom. The Agen Workshop has always been special because it allowed teachers from very different horizons to become good friends. A hundred people came together and spent a week together in a little town in southwest France, learning together but also eating together and partying together, sharing their ideas, their experience, their stories and their passion for teaching. Our challenge as we go on-line will be to try to encourage the same informal conversations that were so important for everyone. We hope to do so by organizing more Round Tables and Break out rooms, where you can listen, exchange ideas and ask questions. We also hope to integrate in each presentation a few tips and tricks about teaching on-line.

The conference finished on July 31st and the feedback I have received is very enthusiastic. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to its success. It is still possible to gain access to the recorded sessions on the Fluency Fast website. Here is the link:

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  1. Grisel Pibida

    Sounds great! Quick question: should teachers participate as students or observers? Do the 115 euros cover both sessions? Count me in please for Spanish advanced. Thank you.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Judith Dubois

    Yes, the 115 euros includes both the Language Labs and the sessions of the second week.

    Teachers who are new to CI methods should try an unknown language, preferably either Arabic or Mandarin, in order to experience acquisition as a student. If you are familiar with CI and have no doubts, you may want to browse in order to see how other teachers do it. You are free to choose and you are also free to change your mind. We just want to know where you will be the first day.

    1. Liliana Maldonado

      I just registered with my work email but then paid with my PayPal account which is registered with my personal account. I want to make sure you got my PMT so that I don’t miss the workshop. Is there a way I can get a hold of someone to make sure.

    1. Judith Dubois

      Not necessarily, Fiona. It can be very enlightening to sit in on a language class where you do not speak the language and share the students’ experience. You will see what the teacher does to make their language comprehensible and how they create a caring and accepting atmosphere in the class. It is also helpful to see different styles of teaching. We each have our own personality and seeing how different teachers express themselves can be very helpful.

      You are free to choose to observe any Language Lab you wish, and to move around if you like.

  3. Jorn Lubbinge

    Hi Judith,
    A very sad turn of events, but I think there was no real alternative. Do you have a deadline/preferred date for registration?

    1. Judith Dubois

      Hello, Jorn! Good to see a “veteran” here. I have chosen not to put a deadline on registrations, though of course for us the earlier the better. But we can take up to 500 before we have to close down registrations, so I don’t expect that to happen right away. Hope to “see” you again!


  4. Anonymous

    Hello Judith,

    I have just filled in the form and paid €115. But I couldn’t see Arabic so I didn’t click on any language as I would like to be a student in Arabic for the language lab.
    Should I change my glasses?
    Since I met Rachel Salvi a few years ago, I have been thinking “I wish I could go to Agen one day”. So, through the magic of the internet, I will be able to attend on-line in July. Thank you for planning the 2020 Agen Workshop. Cécile Baechler

  5. Fatiha Nekhla

    Hi Judith!
    I think I finally found the right form to fill in!! But I don’t see the link to pay with credit card, only Paypal.


  6. Karla

    Hi Judith –
    I attend last year’s conference and LOVED it. This year I will have a new born baby (due early July). I am thrilled that there is an online option as I would like to keep learning more. Just to make sure, if I sign up, I don’t have to attend any session live and can watch them later throughout my maternity leave?

  7. Florence Calvez

    Hello Judith,

    I have just registered for the workshop and selected “Spanish for teachers”. However, I won’t be available from July 20th to July 22nd as I will be attending another online workshop (I’m a workshopoholic!). If this Language Lab happens to be on one of these day, could you possibly move me to another one? I am happy to be an observer in any Language Lab.
    Thank you,

  8. Pam Barber

    Hi Judy,
    I attended the workshop in 2018 and I will return someday, but this is a great alternative for me this summer. Are all the language labs recorded, as well as the presentations? I would love to be able to listen to other language labs later on. Also, what does Option 1 and Option 2 refer to? I’m not sure which one to mark.
    Thank you,

    1. Judith Dubois

      Hello, Pam. Good to see you here. Yes, all the language labs will be recorded. Option 1 and Option 2 were editing errors which I have now removed. Thanks for pointing that out. Looking forward to seeing you back in Agen!

  9. Pam Barber

    Hi Judy,
    I am signing up right now! Thank you for your quick response. I hope you and your family are all well! See you soon!

    1. Judith Dubois

      Thank you, Pam. Sometimes it’s a bit of a job for an old lady like me to organize all this, but the enthusiasm that our “Agen Veterans” display lets me know that it’s well worth it.

  10. Vicent Satorres Calabuig

    Hi, Judith,
    A friend of mine is interested to registering, but she hasn’t Paypal. In the registration link there is no access to credit card payment. Please, can you confirm this method of payment?

  11. Judith Dubois

    Hi Vicent! When your friend clicks on the Paypal button, she will be invited to connect to her Paypal account, but below there is another link which says “Pay by credit card”. If she clicks there, she can pay even though she does not have a PayPal account.

    Thank you for clearing this up. Looking forward to seeing you back in Agen in 2021!

  12. Mirna Dumareille

    Hello Judith!

    What is the difference between Spanish for teachers and elementary Spanish? This will be my first year participating and I apologize if it’s a silly question but I don’t want to sign up for the wrong class. TIA.

    Mirna Dumareille

    1. Judith Dubois

      Spanish for Teachers will be taught by Adriana Ramirez. It is designed for non-native speakers who teach Spanish and wish to attain more fluency and proficiency. Elementary Spanish will be taught by Jason Fritze who will teach younger students, primary school beginners. In the second hour he will teach another group of younger students at a more intermediate to advanced level, with some Heritage speakers.

  13. Sophia Chen

    Where do I find the schedule for presentation and language labs? I would like to better ideas of Agen 2020.

    1. Judith Dubois

      A valid question, Sophia. Please bear in mind that a little over a month ago I was still hoping we would be able to hold the conference here in Agen. Now I am contacting all the presenters we had planned on, asking them to tailor their presentations to the much different requirements of an on-line conference. And I am negotiating with others who could not have made the trip but are delighted to be able to participate in On-Line Agen. In the post above, I give some names of people who are already committed to presenting, but I am no where near prepared to close the inscriptions, so we are weeks away from having a final program.

      Also, being an international conference, (last year 24 countries were represented) the time zones are going to be something we have to take into consideration. So I don’t want to be too hasty about assigning times before I’ve worked out the most reasonable times for all around. I will be posting here and sending out newsletters as the decisions are made.

  14. Sophia Chen

    Judith, thanks very much. I have started all CI for 2 years. I always want to be able to go to Agen training. I am glad this will be possible online this year. I would like to find out more information before I sign up.

  15. Sameer

    Hi there. I’m a language learner (Spanish and French) but not a language teacher. Should I register for the workshop?

    1. Judith Dubois

      Excellent question. We do want language students for the first week of Language labs. Contact me by e-mail or by PM on Facebook and I will get back to you with the information.

  16. Abdel Kader Khila

    Hello Judith,
    I did register and submitted payment a while back . Have you started emailing registrants ?
    I just want to take a look again at my selections just in case .
    Thanks !

    1. Judith Dubois

      Hello, Abdel. I may have received your payment with no name attached. Where are you from? I don’t have a registration in your name. Could you send me a PM on Facebook giving me the name of the enterprise that paid for the registration? Normally I send an acknowledgement of payment within 24 hours. We are not using an autoresponder. Those who have registered and paid will receive the codes shortly before the event.

  17. Isabelle Monaco

    I registered and paid for the Agen workshop on Thursday June 10 but have not received any confirmation email. Only my payment has been confirmed. It went to an entity called “Academy”. Could you please confirm that “Academy” is legitimate and that you have received my application. Thank you.

    1. Judith Dubois

      Hello, Isabelle. Yes, the entity called “The Academy” is the official name under which I am registered with the French administration. I actually received your payment dated the 11th on the 12th and noted it but did not get around to replying until today. I am not using an autoresponder by choice, but if you do not hear back from me within two days, don’t hesitate to recontact me.

  18. Liz Truesdale

    I am all registered, but one of my sons would like to take the Arabic class. I’m not finding the place to sign up just for that. Can you please direct me to it?

  19. Lidia Huffington

    I registered on June 2nd but have not received a confirmation email.
    Is there a number I can call or a person I can email to confirm that I am registered?
    I have my PayPal receipt.
    Please advise.

    1. Judith Dubois

      Confirmation was sent to you on the same day. Perhaps you could check your spam box? You are registered and will receive the codes soon. I will resend the confirmation message. My email address can be found in the contact section.

  20. Laila Kharrat

    Judith, I just signed up for the conference and selected Arabic, so you know where to put me for the first morning session. In addition to teaching Arabic, I also teach French and would like to have access to those sessions. Time permitting, I would like to also explore Advanced Spanish, since I speak intermediate Spanish (but do not teach it). Do I need to notify you of that, so I can easily populate my calendar with those three language options? Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Judith Dubois

      Thank you for registering, Laila. You are always free to go where you want. The question is to help us estimate numbers but does not in any way limit your options.

    2. Judith Dubois

      Hello again Laila. I have your payment but not your registration. I’ve sent emails and don’t have replies. Please contact me either by email, through Fadi or on PM on Facebook.

  21. Francesca Regalado

    Hello from California. Just signed up! I am so excited to acquire Arabic and l hope to get lots of ideas for the school year!

  22. Cynthia

    Hello Judith, I’ve had going to the Agen Conference on my list for a few years and now I’m “attending” this year. Some day…I hope to travel to Agen for the conference. Looking forward to the conference. Will I get an email with information such as the schedule/times of each session?

  23. Annie Beach

    Hi Judy
    The times for the language labs are a little crazy for Australia- is it possible for these to be recorded.
    Fantastic effort with getting the Agen workshop to be a happening thing.🌺🌺🌺

  24. Anonymous

    Hi Judith

    I am trying my school district to pay for this course and I need the name and address for them to process and approve my request.

  25. Anonymous

    Will the recordings be available indefinitely? Or only a limited time?The conference starts at 2am my time. Thank you!

    1. Judith Dubois

      Not indefinitely, but for several months. We have not yet decided when to take them down. Some presenters are uncomfortable with material that may eventually be outdated being up “forever”. No one wants to be judged on a performance which they have probably worked hard to improve.

  26. Eliot Grady

    I just registered today, which I hope isn’t too late. My payment went through and I received a receipt. Where do I find information about the language labs?
    Thank you.

  27. Nai-I Finney

    I have registered and paid today. I did receive the receipt from Paypal, but I didn’t receive any confirmation email. Is that normal?

    1. Judith Dubois

      Yes, because we are replying personally to registrations rather than using an automatic response. And I was sleeping when you registered. You will soon have a reply. Thank you for registering.

  28. Nicole F.

    Bonsoir, Judith. Merci beaucoup for all of the work you have done to organize Agen this summer. I realize that you are probably extremely busy, currently. I registered at the last minute yesterday and have not received any information about how to connect to the Zoom for the English class. Is there a possibility you could send this information to me? Merci!

  29. Maddie Guerra

    I am just now learning about this opportunity! I have not signed up, but I would be interested in viewing the recordings. Do you have more information about where to find them and how to access them?

  30. Judith Dubois

    People are still signing up and the real fun begins next week. The recordings are only available on Teachable to registered conference participants. They will remain on Teachable at least until March 2021. So you still have time to get on board. 🙂

  31. Anonymous

    Hi Judith,

    On Liam Printer’s recommendation I paid for the AGEN conference last month just to receive the videos and other recorded or digital content as he said it was fantastic. Tat was two weeks ago and I have still no contact from you ro AGEN to let me know how and where I can access the conference content. So if you could please look into this for me asap I’d appreciate it as as a NQT I’m looking to introduce some TPRS techniques to my classes as soon as possible. Thank you in advance, Rachel

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