Websites to Visit

Blaine Ray – The founder of the movement is still active, giving workshops and mentoring. He can always be picked out in a crowd. He’s the guy in a shirt with palm trees and bright blue parrots.

Stephen Krashen – His work on Comprehensible Input is the solid foundation on which TPRS is built.

Susie Gross – She was one of the first to understand the importance of Blaine Ray’s techniques.
“Her influence on the current massive change in foreign language education in the US cannot be overstated.”

Daily Kos – For an unbiased review of “the Green Bible.”

Laurie Clarq – An experienced teacher, workshop presenter and frequent participant in moretprs discussions, Laurie is always able to embrace two sides of an argument by seeing the hearts behind the words. She helped develop the recent innovation in reading called “Embedded Reading” which is explained on her site.

Ben Slavic – My guru – Ben has a way of saying things that resonates with me. His book TPRS in a Year helped me to see how all the pieces fitted together. His web site has free resources and videos of him in class. For the price of a monthly cup of coffee, it’s possible to participate in his Professional Learning Community. The books can be downloaded.

The American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages has taken the position that 90% of classroom speech should be in the target language and suggests that TPRS is an effective way to achieve this goal.

Karen Rowan – She manages Fluency Fast, TPRS courses for adults and helps edit The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, which often carries articles by Stephen Krashen and other big names in the TPRS world.
You can find her at or
You can subscribe to the free online version of IJFLT at

Carol Gaab – She is a spectacular demonstrator when she’s not publishing material for teachers, writing readers for students or traveling to workshops around the world.

Jason Fritz – He is another early member of the TPRS adventure. He has taken the Reading in TPRS and made it something exciting which he calls Reading Theater.
He founded the International Forum on Language Teaching which is at

Teri Wiechart – She is one of a group of TPRS teachers who have worked to improve coaching at conferences and in the classroom.
You can contact her to learn more about coaching at or

Moretprs – This is a yahoo group forum which began early in the millennium with a handful of teachers who were trying TPRS and wanted to exchange ideas. There are now over 6000 followers and daily digests. Blaine Ray, Susie Gross, Karen Rowan, Stephen Krashen and many other well known names participate regularly in the discussions. Beginners often describe their difficulties and ask for advice. Here is where information is posted concerning workshops and National TPRS Conference.
Go to and register to follow the discussions.

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